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Kyle Lowe, Criminal Defense Attorney

Kyle Lowe Criminal Defense/DWI Attorney

Licensed to practice law since 1993 in New Mexico, and since 1997 in Texas, Kyle Lowe has been trying cases for 16 years. His only focus is Criminal Law. Beginning his career as an Assistant District Attorney in New Mexico, Kyle quickly worked his way up to Deputy District Attorney and became the designated DWI Prosecutor for the office.


In his 5 years as a prosecutor Kyle tried more than 60 cases to juries to include the first State prosecuted wiretap conspiracy case in New Mexico history...



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Kyle Lowe Comments on Eight Time DWI Offender

April 11th, 2009 by Kyle Lowe

Sixteen Blood Draws in Austin PD’s Latest ‘No Refusal’ Enforcement

March 27th, 2009 by Kyle Lowe

Last week we warned that those in attendance for SXSW should be careful to avoid getting an Austin DWI, as there was no doubt police would be on high alert. Turns out 25 people were arrested between 9pm Friday and 5am Saturday, according to KVUE News.

It was the latest “No Refusal” enforcement from the Austin Police Department, the program where if a driver is pulled over for an Austin DWI, they may not decline to take a breathalyzer test. And if the driver says “no,” the Austin police officer can get a warrant for their blood. The last “No Refusal” enforcement happened on Super Bowl Sunday, when 21 Austin DWI arrests were made.

According to KVUE, nine out of the 25 people arrested for an Austin DWI last weekend gave a breath sample, and the remaining 16 had search warrants issued on them so that APD could draw blood samples. Since the average number of Austin DWI blood draws on other “No Refusal” nights is 25, police noted that 16 was relatively low.

Don’t Get an Austin DWI

An Austin DWI can be a permanent mark on your record — it’s very, very serious. If you’re ever arrested for an Austin DWI, be sure you know your rights. You’ll want to hire an Austin DWI attorney who has a proven record of fighting for clients’ rights. Getting an experienced, knowledgeable Austin DWI attorney like Kyle Lowe on your side can be beneficial, since it’s possible that police officers can make mistakes when it comes to DWI arrests. If you’ve been arrested for Austin DWI, contact attorney Kyle Lowe today for a free case evaluation.

SXSW Attendees: Don’t Get an Austin DWI

March 19th, 2009 by Kyle Lowe

Right now in Austin, the SXSW (South by Southwest) Music, Film and Interactive Festival is going on. Drawing thousands of people from all over the world, SXSW is a truly impressive annual event that seems to get bigger and better every year. It’s no wonder Austin is called the Live Music Capital of the World.

SXSW shows, panels and film screenings are concentrated in the downtown area, with tons of parties happening throughout the day and well into the night. Sixth Street bars, along with pretty much every other downtown Austin area bar, do a tremendous business during SXSW.

If you’re attending SXSW, don’t get an Austin DWI. Play it safe and don’t drive if you’ve been drinking. There are plenty of cabs available to provide transportation home. With so many people in town living the rock star life during SXSW, you can bet that police officers are on high alert and will be making a lot of Austin DWI arrests if they need to. Don’t let that be you.

If You Get an Austin DWI During SXSW

Whether you’re from Austin or visiting from out of town, getting arrested for an Austin DWI can be overwhelming. An Austin DWI can be a permanent mark on your record, and the penalties can include time in jail, fines and driver’s license suspension. Hiring an Austin DWI attorney is imperative.

If you’ve been arrested for an Austin DWI, know your rights. Contact Kyle Lowe, an Austin DWI attorney who has years of experience fighting for his clients rights. He’s thorough, diligent and works hard to defend you. For a free case evaluation, contact him today.